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Eye & Face Protection
Full seal eye protection with retention strap is required and must be on before entering the playing field.
it is recommended to wear a full paintball mask, balaclava or mouth guard to protect face and teeth.
Do NOT remove your eye protection or break the seal between them and your face while on the playing field. Fanning and wiping the interior lens is not allowed
Gun Safety
Unholstered guns MUST use approved barrel bags.
Barrel bags must be on securely any time gun is outside the playing field.
When in the break area: mags out, guns cleared, barrel blockers on.
Dry firing may only be done in the break area with the barrel bag on.
Round Accountability
Head shots are allowed and count
Do not shoot over the boundary

High Risk Engagements
If you engage, or by your own placement require other players to engage you, under 10ft, it is considered a High Risk Engagement.
High Risk Engagements have a NO BITCH rule. Do not enter this engagement zone if you are not willing to deal with the consequences of your own or others risky actions in an intense and sometimes brutal environment. Attitudes, fits or gripes will not be tolerated. Whining will result in a respawn or ejection from the game.
If you are eliminated during a High Risk Engagement, immediately drop to a knee and place your hand on top of you head, remaining dead in place until the engagement is over.
Meat shields happen
we do not use safety kills only knife kills which are allowed by hand or rubber knife, avoiding the head and genitals.
Thunder B kill all in a single room upon detonation in a building.  Tornado grenades kill of they hit you ricochets Do count. 
Any direct hit to the person or gear is considered a hit.
Friendly fire counts, ricochets do not except from a tornado grenade.
If you are unsure of a hit, call it a hit.
If you see a team mate hit, tell them they are hit.
If you are hit, you are required to stop play and communications immediately.
Eliminated players only talk to other eliminated players. Soon as you are dead, the only words out of your mouth to a live player is HIT, OUT or MEDIC. No radio communication with anyone outside your medic or refs is allowed. Further communication will result in elimination of additional nearby teammates.
You may, but are not required to notify other players you are eliminated by yelling HIT or OUT three times in a loud voice.
A gun over your head, a hand on your head or a dead rag on your head is indication of an eliminated player.
If you do not indicate you are eliminated, you are a target.
If your are dead and still being hit, raise BOTH hands over your head and move up to 10 feet from initial point of elimination. Shooters may be aiming for another target (real or imaginary) and you are simply in the crossfire.
Yelling at someone to call their hits is NOT allowed. If you feel a player is not calling their hits, step out of play and identify the accused to the ref staff immediately and in person. You will remain out of play till the situation is resolved.
Mines may kill via water, powder or sound. All able to HI-FIVE the person triggering the device are considered dead.
There is an UNENFORCED surrender rule. Asking for a surrender does not require the person to do so and High Risk Engagement rules apply.
Medics & Respawn
Engagement of the enemy spawn point in transit is allowed.
Engaging an enemy spawn point for longer than 60 seconds will be considered spawn camping.
Protection of a spawn point is responsibility of the defending team, not the ref staff.
Medics may not enter or heal players inside of buildings or structures that are objectives.
Eliminated players are required to bleed out for _____ minute(s) before respawn, either at the point of elimination or respawn point. Time in transit does not count.
Eliminated players are healed after 60 seconds of hands on contact from a Medic.
Eliminated players may be moved by a live player while in direct contact with them.
Medics may not be healed, only respawned. Medics have no bleed out time.
General Field Regs
Ref channel is 9.0 on FRS radios
Notify field staff if you are asthmatic, diabetic, allergic to bee stings or are on any doctor prescribed medication.
Tobacco products are only allowed in the break area.
No firing at or near wildlife.
N.H. airsoft reserves the right to approve all items allowed on the premises. Alcohol, firearms, fixed blade knives, machetes, and axes, are prohibited.
Do NOT climb, ram or use as targets the buildings, structures or props.
Only designated N.H. Elite may climb on or use green painted structures.
Non elite players may not use ladders for any purpose. No player may play, observe or shoot from any ladder.
No aggressive physical contact with another player is allowed.
Boundaries are marked via orange line and ribbons. All other colors are for in field navigation.
Going out of bounds is the same as being hit you will be respawned.
Horns are used to start, pause and end games.
If a horn is blown during a game, STOP SHOOTING, aim your gun at the ground and hold position, listen for instructions. Do not remove your goggles.
Single horn blast starts a game. Two horn blasts ends a game. Three horn blasts is an emergency, cease fire immediately and stop all movement.
Only in case of dire emergency, players may call for and use the words “CEASE FIRE”.
Test firing guns before a start or lack of attention resulting in false starts will not be fixed.
Players must start within their flag stations or they will be eliminated.
All water bottles, BB bags and prop trash must be carried out of the playing field.